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If I die, how much per year will my family need to continue living in a dignified lifestyle?
No of years $ *
For how many years will they need this income?
Education Costs $ *
How much do I want to contribute towards my children's future education costs?
Mortgage $ *
How much of a mortgage do I have?
Charitable Bequests $ *
How much do I wish to leave to charity?
Lump Sum $ *
Enter any other lump sum requirement you may have.
Existing Cover $ *
How much Life Insurance (including mortgage protection) do I have?
Saleable Assets $ *
What is the value of the assets that my family would sell if I died today?
Continuing Income $ *
How much income would continue (from investments or my spouse's employment) if I died?


To provide for the above goals and objectives in the form of a lump sum, you need extra life cover of $

Alternatively, you could provide for your goals above with:

Extra Life cover of ($ plus a Family Income Benefit) $

Providing income of ($ per year) $

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