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How can an adviser help?

Carolyn Tapley is an Authorised Financial Adviser – AFA providing personalised financial and investment advice and works with major researchers in Australasia.

Carolyn Tapley Advisory Services provides a BROADBASE of personalised financial services
  • Personalised investment portfolios for private and corporate clients.
  • Mortgages for residential, commercial and rural properties.
  • Insurance to protect your income, family, business and property.

A Disclosure Statement is available to you at any time.

What is an Authorised Financial Adviser? 

An AFA or Authorised Financial Adviser provides personalised advice on complex investment products.

You can find more information on the different types of financial advisers at the Financial Markets Authority website: www.fina.govt.nz/help-me-comply/financial-advisers/whoneedstocomply/

Adviser Disclosure Statements

As a financial adviser providing you with advice, I must provide you with a “disclosure statement” at no cost to you. This document tells you what advice I can give you and how I am paid.

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